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Institutional Vision and Mission

1 To apply well gained Knowledge for service to Mankind through imparting the best education.
2 To cultivate learners to foster virtues that favor evolution of successive holistic generations.
3 To create a “Cambridge of South India (Kumbakonam college) Hub” (CSIH) owing to the location famed for the sacrosanct National Mela, MAHAMAHAM that attracts millions of diverse people from all over the country once in twelve years.
4 To engender a consistent Student-Social Action developing their professional skills in the public square; whether it be National or Global growth, or social enterprise or the environment or community volunteering.
5 To be a part of dynamic growing national network of academism with native incline proper to the Cauvery River Delta endowed with rural agricultural potential and commitment to work for higher goals.
6 To create, in the near future, a Srinivasa Ramanujan chair of mathematics and sciences and a Srinivasa Sastri chair of oriental Studies and Humanities, in honor of the double luminaries of this Institution who by their genius stood for Occident-Orient merger of great thought and great action. 

1 Pursuit of learning to be subordinated to the benign interests of society contributing much at the optimum level of excellence.
2 Triggering the inquisitive spirit of a growing talent.
3 Offering a range of academic innovations in all core groups to choose from
4 Depth of provision in syllabus curricula.
5 Teaching-Scholarship-Research-co-valency-Strong Intersections
6 Maximum student access from the sub-rural delta villages that gird Kumbakonam
7 Developing a College-University profile  ambient in proportion to the 170 year-heritage of the institution
8 Offering Inter-Disciplinary stimulus to teaching and learning through syllabus and research
9 Promoting college membership that outlives the duration of students’ course to raise Academic, Occupational Curricular Reserves
10. Staff recognized for contribution to career development within the scope of Collegiate Educational Service Rules in Tamil Nadu
11 Conservative hierarchical faculty-enrichment drive
12 Ample opportunities for participation in sports, music, drama, folk-arts and cultural carnivals

Core Values

Free thinking, sane expression, virtuous action, freedom from discrimination, building confidence, strong-will to endure, courage to speak the truth and live in truth, and authentic perfect human fellowship.