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Career Guidance and Councelling Cell

Our college has a well-established career guidance and employment cell. The goal of the career guidance and employment Cell is to provide a platform for students to use their potential to gain valuable experience by working in both public and private sector organizations. The training and employment cell acts as a bridge between students and is renowned in various professions. The Training and Employment Cell provides a link between the company and the industry to carry out students' employment activities.
The Placement Cell organizes career guidance programs for all students from the first year. The cell organizes soft skills training programs for final year students through the English Department. The Training and Employment Cell also organizes resume assessment process sessions for highly effective resume preparation for final semester students of various disciplines. It also organizes first and second year training in the same fields like mock interviews, group discussions, workshops and also public examination training for students interested in joining government departments. It also runs awareness programs from various sectors.


Hard work is the Best Investment


With proper training and better job opportunities, students with employment and professional skills can be enriched in their lives and thus contribute greatly to the community.


  • Provide professional skills training to students through continuous training modules.
  • Contact the best rated companies to arrange campus recruitment and pool drives.
  • Instruction to improve students' professional expression.
  • Encourage students to actively participate in social causes beyond campus.

Placement Activities

  • To noticed students various sectors requirements.
  • To noticed various exam dates and registration
  • To assist online registration
  • To assist online mock exam & interview skills developing
  • To Encourage and guide students to make smart career choices.
  • Every year The College  is making arranges “Mega Placement Fairs” for the past and present students in collaboration with district Employment office.
  • Every odd semester conducted two awareness program in the area of banking and Government sectors.
  • Every even semester conducted atleast one campus interview.
  • Helping the Students in Improving ethical professionals with diverse skill.