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Emblem and Motto

மெய்ப்பொருள் கல்வி


The emblem of our college symbolizes the sense of culture, antiquity and antiquity of a proud motherland throughout the civilized world.

There is a beautiful abyss in the middle of the upper part of the emblem. It realizes that life pays off. It also fosters life immortal and develops self confidence before us. The two elephants on both sides of the abyss insist the bond in love that makes us realize the high balanced union of students and pride of the college.

The remarkably pure candlestick reflects the educational light that the college has been instilling in the hearts of the students for generations. The hand that carries the Indian club emphasizes the fact that only a healthy body has a fertile heart and our playground develops the young students a sense of morality and sense of play.

The next part of the emblem exposes the uplifting look of this college. The Cambridge of South India is the name given to this college and it is located on the banks of River Cauvery with natural settings that reminds of the reminiscence of the ancient Gurukula. River Cauvery emulates the uninterrupted flow of knowledge. She fertilizes the knowledge of the students. The celestial clock conveys the height of knowledge that students can gain here. The ancient trees provide cool shade that conveys the fruitful charity of education and the elimination of selfishness.

“மெய்ப்பொருள் கல்வி - Meiporul Kalvi” is aptly engraved at the bottom of the logo of this college. It is the realization of the eternal God. May the emblem of this college be filled with the above classical glories and may inspire and elevate the students and teachers of this temple of education.